Fricke-Parks Press

Fricke-Parks was the second printing company that gave me permission to take images for this project. Fricke-Parks is an employee-owned company, a situation unique for the companies I have visited. Fricke-Parks embodies the idea of a community press, many papers they print serve the various ethnic communities in the East Bay region. It was here where I first felt the roar of the presses and was witness to the incredible precision and teamwork necessary to operate these amazing machines. My thanks go out to Dave Brown and all of the employees of Fricke-Parks for their help in facilitating this project.

Fricke Parks-1.jpgFricke Parks-2.jpgFricke Parks-3.jpgFricke Parks-4.jpgFricke Parks-6.jpgFricke Parks-9.jpgFricke Parks-11.jpgFricke Parks-5.jpgFricke Parks-10.jpgFricke Parks-1-2.jpgFricke Parks-8.jpgFricke Parks-7.jpgFricke Parks-12.jpg