Howard Quinn Co.

Located in San Francisco, Howard-Quinn Co. is the last remaining Union Print Shop in the city. They have been in operation in the same location since 1961 and have seen all of the developments in offset printing over the last 50 years. Howard-Quinn has been a perfect reflection of the changes in San Francisco over the last 5 decades. In addition to the newspapers, catalogs and mailers they have printed, they served an essential need by printing socially relevant publications for San Francisco’s diverse community. The Bay Area takes pride in challenging societal taboos and that has been reflected over the years in publications like the Berkeley Barb, The Black Panther, Maximum Rock and Roll, Zap Comics, and Plexus which served the LGBT community. All of these where printed at one time or another on these presses. Howard-Quinn was blessed with an amazingly dedicated staff and a press room that was run with incredible precision and professionalism.