The Vacaville Reporter


The Vacaville Reporter is my hometown newspaper and the first subject for this project. I grew up less than 3 blocks from it’s original location, delivered papers for them, and read the paper nearly every day.¬† I was published for the first time in the Reporter when I won their weekly art contest with a drawing entitled “Future Birdhouse”. The newspaper itself has been in operation since the 1880’s and at one time competed with two other newspapers serving Vacaville. Photographing my hometown presses personalized the contribution of these amazing machines and solidified my feelings about them . These presses have chronicled many citizens of my hometown from their¬† birth, wedding, and obituary announcements. There is a connection, a relationship which has gone unspoken here and it inspired this entire project. Many thanks to Matt Meredith for giving me my first tour and Ron Tilson for allowing me to return.