Thursdays shoot at the Vacaville Reporter

Whenever I walk into a press room I take a deep breath and draw in the scent of oil and printers ink. It was that same smell I encountered in my Grandfathers truck in Pennsylvania. Our family worked oil leases and his work truck was saturated with the smell of crude, I loved riding in that truck, it was like being let into the secret world of men.

On Thursday I went out to my hometown to shoot video at the Vacaville Reporter. I started around 10:00 and finished up at 1:30ish. At each place I profile I have developed relationships with the pressmen and I have to say it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of this project. The pride and professionalism in this industry is well grounded and the Reporter is no exception. Operating presses is an art form unto itself, the fine adjustment of tension is akin to tuning an instrument. The responsibility of printing news seems to add an extra air or gravity to the process as your work will immediately be in the hands of thousands of readers. The crew at the Reporter worked like a fine oiled machine, small efficient crews are the norm as budgets tighten throughout the industry. I tried to edit the video to give you an idea of a typical press run from beginning to end. The video will eventually be accompanied by an interview. Much thanks to Mike and the entire crew for their trust and help.



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